Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Monthly Goals: The Slacker Edition

December always whizzes by so this month needs cute, attainable goals.

1. Organize Trip Pictures - They are cluttering up my digicam and need to be on cds elsewhere. (Yes, I know this was a November goal but I forgot.)

2. Work Less - I came back from vacation overly excited about work and productivity. Subsequently I became very tired. This month I will work less.

3. Blog More - November 09 was my slackiest blog month ever; in direct correlation to my most working month. So this month - work less, blog more!

4. Beat that Cursed Balance game on the Wii Fit - It mocks me with my imperfect balance and must be defeated!

5. Finish Random Projects - Install new computer components, hang mirror, paint canvas, read a few books, run through magazine pile...actually lets finish this list with five things and see how this month surprises me :)

Soooo How did I do last month?
1. Organize Trip Pictures - I forgot! FAIL ;)
2. Look Nicer - Success - even though I found all sorts of loopholes to this such as "jeans are fine if worn with real shoes instead of sneakers."
3. Raise Room Scores - Success!
4. Celebrate 31ville - Total Success! See cake *YUM*
5. Re-establish Routines - I overcompensated and am now tired. Backfired success :/