Thursday, December 17, 2009

Inspiration Thursday: Bobby Berk Home

I recently purchased a lovely lamp with a less than stellar lampshade. A friend linked me to the Peony Shade by Innermost and it was a time sink from there.

Sadly the lampshade is way over my budget but that doesn't stop me from lusting ;)

In fact, should I win the lottery this holiday season (a true miracle since I do not play), expect me to spend all of my winnings at this store.

At less than $3000, this couch is downright affordable compared to everything else on the website. Of course I wouldn't settle for just the couch - I'd want the loft, the tables, side chair and heck I'd ask for the mother-in-law's tongue plant just for rep.

As the loft would feature a wooden wall I would pick up some of these railings. The loft would also have a brick wall but I would leave that blank.

Sure this shelf is pretty with simple lines and most of the blogosphere has hubbies that can build something similar. However the beauty of my future winnings is that I would just order it.

I don't like the lamp in this picture (shock eh?) but I love red and those silly little bertoias so much. I would lounge here.

I love awesome lighting like that proverbial fat kid and his cake.

I'm a girl. Therefor I like candles. I also like glass and silhouettes. Win.

Why yes, I also enjoy tetris and displaying knick knacks.

Did you know I really love lighting fixtures? This swirl-a-thing light is retro, modern and just so pretty to look at! I'd probably go blind looking at it though.

This bird light is ridiculously quirky.

Hey remember the bench I garage saled this summer? Doesn't it remind you of this bench but with this one's legs? I think I saved $1000 garage saling versus retailing. I miss summer garage sales :(


Della said...

Oooh! I love that lamp...and that bird light is pretty cool. I need to find my millionaire fast. :)

And I did well on my final! I'm so glad to have finished another semester!

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

I like that bird light. I'm quirky, too! :)
Living it up at Lakewood,

Smart Cents Mom said...

I miss garage sales too!! I think the bird lamo is cute! But I am weird that way.