Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inspiration Thursday: Bark...stuff

Last month's Family Circle magazine had a feature on pretty stuff bark can do. Unfortunately my scanner is on mental leave so I had to resort to Google. Man do I love Google.

These were for sale on some website but the idea is simple - buy a $1 Store candle, wrap it in bark and make sure nothing catches fire. The last part is critical.

Aren't these pretty? Take a ho hum vase (MAYBE EVEN A CHIPPED ONE!), wrap it in bark and revel in compliments. Cause who doesn't like compliments?

Tis the season! Flatten then carve up your old bark for a rustic look that will be offensive to woodpeckers.

I'm working on a project with a round mirror so this made me smile :D

This is an easy revamp to an ugly frame.


Kate Bagley said...

I love these pictures! What a beautiful and natural addition to any decor! Great post. Any tips on where to find this kind of bark? Can you find bark for crafting? Or do you have to hike around in the woods?