Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pimp My Trashcan!

I was gifted a peace lily back in 2005 and while the plant has long been trashed, its container continue being repurposed. Its held socks, magazines and of course garbage (yes, in that order).

I finally painted the wicker to match my tiffany trifecta...making this a quadrafecta of blue?

I took a can of generic white spray paint (.97 at Home Depot) and dutifully sprayed. Then I took a sponge and dabbed the blue from the original project along the sides of the trash can. The blue is much more obvious in person but that's a cellphone picture and you guys trust me right? ;)


JHill said...

Isn't spray paint the best thing ever? $0.97 will get you a whole new trash can, picture frame, armoire...