Friday, November 13, 2009

Its been a Year and a Day

That's right - I got my braces a year and a day ago! My ortho says the end is nigh which has me simultaneously relieved and nervous. After so much movement, expirementation and adventures in flossing they feel like an extension of myself.

I've learned
- that bottom braces can make a grown woman despair
- just how small rice grains are
- that others can totally see you tounging braces after a meal
- to appreciate flossing
- to revere power brushes
- that silver elastics on white ceramic look silly
- to listen to my ortho
- the importance of straws when drinking stainy bevs
- to love bagels after a tightening
- to pimp braces to anyone who asks
- to love my smile

I don't yak about braces much here but if you're extremely curious I have about a dozen entries over at my braces blog.


Alicia said...

My baby brother who is now close to 40 fell in love with a girl in high school simply because he thought she looked so cute in her braces. He said she was a "Cutie-Patootie"!

He's been married to her for 16 years now, so braces can be sexy...they worked for him and his wife.