Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inspiration Thursday: Latest Metropolitan Home

I read through the latest Metropolitan Home today and tore out a bunch of inspiration images. Then I went to and downloaded my favorites to post here. That's right, I'm too lazy to scan but too excited not to share ;)

This living room is supposed to mimic the way hills in Cali just rise and fall all over the place. I just think the cut-outs under the furniture is darned cute and impractical :)

Look at that ceiling light! *brain melt*

I have a thing for glass shelving and am always excited to see one of my chairs. I'm not sure if the design says "teen" but it definitely says "hip."

This is a full page image in the magazine but looks so dull in this tiny picture. I love those chairs, that huge mirror, the clever light and those adorable side mirrors. I plan to make side mirrors like that one day.

I know we all love exposed brick but lets pretend you've moved into Hypothetical Home with an fireplace someone else had already desecrated with paint. How awesome would it be to apply a zebra pattern over it? This must be what Design Zen feels like.


Alicia said...

I love the picture with the Red Chairs and I'm not really a big fan of red. This seems like a great magazine. The picture of the light fixture makes me dizzy