Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can I Have My Privacy Back, Please?

I routinely perform vanity searches and what I found tonight terrifies me.

Intelius.Com listed the names of my four closest relatives and the cities they live in for free.

And for $14.95 USSSearch.Com will provide:
- Full Name
- Age
- Current Address
- Phone Number
- Aliases
- Address History

As a single woman this is terrifying. All their information seems to be accurate - the free preview even provides an overhead map of the city where I live and a tiny blip over the general part of town! How is this information available for less than the price of a decent meal!?

And more importantly, how I can I get it pulled off-line? I don't think I have enemies but there are a handful of people I avidly avoid.


SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-wow, thats unbelievable!! Have a good day my dear!

Kate Bagley said...

SCARY! I wish I had advice for getting the info pulled off-line. said...

whoa, that's really scary. Yeah, I was able to find all my family. :(


Kristin said...

That is beyond creepy!