Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wii Aids Physical Therapists

Wii aids physical therapistsClick on that picture to see a larger, crazier image.

Physicians are the latest Wii Target Demographic. According to their advertising using the Wii will stimulate brain function, improve coordination and strength.

In more impressive terms (directly copied from WiiNoob):
AnatoWii is a B2B concept that strives to help doctors, physical therapists and other professionals who may in the field of health industry to employ Nintendo Wii in treating patients. It combines the Wii with traditional physical therapy rehabilitation and thus helps people with physical disabilities and injuries. Moreover, it has the psycholog8ical benefit for both the patient and the healer as Wii is something familiar and less intimidating during treatment.

Plus it looks darned cute!


Anonymous said...

ANNY WE NEED THIS!!!!! HOW AWESOME ;) (in other news, I was most pleased with the size of our PSEG bill :))