Thursday, October 8, 2009

Inspiration Thursday: Plant in a Jar

I love glass, containers and plants so by now I should have a mini garden of Neglecta-Plants right? Alas, I didn't find a single apothecary jar garage saling and don't feel like paying department store prices from something I don't technically need.

So here's some Plant in a Jar porn to tide me over until next garage sale season:

GnometasticI could have a GNOME somewhere besides TSO! This would be so awesome to look at on my desk!

Grass in a JarKimba grew some grass in her jar. This doesn't look so hard right?

Easy Peasy PlantsMoss is easy to care for and the one on the left has a shallow root system so they'd be happy in jars too...say the experts.

SucculentKimba grew succulents in her jars too. She claims they are easy to upkeep but I've never had much luck with them in regular containers. Yes, I am an overwaterrer.

JarringThese look like plain old jars - I should take my old candle containers and grow mini plants instead! Source: Flickr

Candle ContainerImmediately after I thought of growing plants in my old candle jars I found this picture. LOL

ShroomsSeriously - where are people finding these mini-mini-micro-macro lawn ornaments?

Rocks on bottomThese rocks are a good solution to the drainage problem I was pondering. Yes - I think about drainage instead of health care reform.

Of course I have two contingency plans. Either I do this and claim it was the original terranium idea all along (back me up on this!) or I buy some from Miss Moss who has the cutest terraniums on all of etsy. This is my determined face.


Fifi Flowers said...

THose are perfect for apartment living!

Anonymous said...

you can find little lawn ornaments like that @ Good luck with the terrarium growing, I wasn't so lucky.