Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wii Browser Free, My Productivity Down

I didn't surf for thisAs Wii owners worldwide know the system was blinking blue yesterday. This meant an Over the Air update had been released - and what a release it was!

The Wii internet browser is now free (albeit cumbersome to navigate) which means we can stream YouTube on the tv now! YouTube even has a specific browser interface for the browser. Look at how simple and intuitive that website up there is ^

I don't normally sit through entire YouTube videos because monotasking is so difficult but the Wii's inability to open multiple browsing windows focused me - plus the "Find Similar" button is quite a time sink. HGTV has quite a presence on YouTube and all videos can be maximized fit the entire tv. *content sigh*

If your Wii has been powered off but you're ready to update, you can just log on and click the mailbox icon at the bottom right side of your screen. Click on the message from Nintendo (should be the very first message), scroll through the description of this update and then click Yes to accept the install. Mine took less than two minutes over a wireless cable connection.

If your system isn't blinking, go into the WiiShop on your main menu and click on Internet Channel. If you previously paid $5 to download this program Nintendo will credit your account 500 points next month which can be used to buy another game.

Irrelevant Note: The Wii's browser shows up as Nintendo on my stat counter. How CUTE is that!?