Thursday, September 10, 2009

Want. Jellyfish.

I was at the aquarium for a ridiculously long time this afternoon. I love fish and oceanographers and displays where I can touch all the underwater goodies :D

The aquarium has an upside down U shaped "enclosure thing" with jellyfish being propelled around the people standing inside of it. It was like standing inside a screen saver and almost convinced me to spend $35 on a paperweight with a jellyfish etched inside.


Then there was a room entirely surrounded by fish with tons of light and starfish larger than my head! I had some pretzels and watched for a while in there too.

But my favorite were the coral reefs. The oceanographer was highly bored and spent half an hour talking to me about anemones and reefs and bacteria and these HUGE clams. It was all very exciting and I relearned a lot of stuff I remember studying in grade school. I have much better pictures on my real camera and will have to post when I return home.

Oh and afterwards I went into Kasala where I went into Covet Overload. This place deserves their own Inspiration Thursday! They had a chandelier standing lamp with a sheer lampshade surrounding it. It was surreally beautiful and unfortunately over $400 more than I want to spend on a lamp. I just hope Future Anny can figure out how to knock it off!