Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Goals - The Pre-Vacation Edition

I signed up for JetBlue's All You Can Jet deal last month. For $600 you can travel as many times as you want on JetBlue from September 8 - October 8. That price tag includes all fees and taxes.

So far I've booked Seattle next week and created a timeline of when/where to go for the next month. I need to do a lot of stuff before Tuesday!

1. Trip Stuff

a. Book Flights

b. Book Lodging

c. Book Transportation

d. Google Funnage

e. Buy Large Suitcase

Then there are two small projects I need to complete before I leave - if only to improve my roomy's room score while I'm away!

2. Housiness

a. Finish kitchen trim

b. Paint file cabinet

Not a major month for goals but gypsies are notoriously unfocused.