Thursday, September 17, 2009

Inspiration Thursday: Travel Lighting

My favorite so far was from Seattle. This lamp is almost pretty enough to justify its $400something price tag. I wonder if any discount stores sell chandelier standing lamps?
This pair was in an antique's window in the French District. I didn't go in because antique dealers = pushy and Anny = Window Shopping. I'm not crazy about the square design but this would be ridiculously easy to knock off. Craft and home improvement stores sell light weight wooden embellishments by the bushel. Slap on some paint, hot glue and watch your $10 Target lamp become one classy piece.
This was at the entrance to the Experience Music Project. Visitors sit under these lights and watch what felt like a collage of 500 screens worth of musicians do their thing. I sat here long enough to renew my Hendrix appreciation and wonder if translucent material attached to a studio lamp with bendable wires would be enough to recreate this effect...or just enough to burn my house down.
On a cheerier note this was inside one of Seattle's glass shops. That handmade fish chandelier sure is something eh?
But getting back to questionable acts of arson - I do not suggest making this one at home. It looks simple enough but I would not want to explain the diy-gone-bad project to the firemen.

While the amount of useful light derived from these is debatable they sure are cute!