Monday, September 14, 2009

In order to understand the world

In order to understand the world,
One has to turn away from it on ocassion.

- Albert Camus

This trip forced me to slow down. I had a major breakup about a year and a half ago - the kind that splits life into a "before this person" and "after they were gone." The relationship ended and I immediately changed my hair, started kick boxing, moved, took on further jobs, etc etc.

Life within was spinning so quickly that life without could only aim to catch up.

And that's how most of 2008 and all of 2009 sped by. Even after being laid off I tacked on further jobs, moved again and devoted myself to prettifying a home. I'd say good night then be distracted into recreating a dining table vignette or tinkering with a lamp shade.

Take away that idle purpose and you end up with a very homesick Anny! A month away from home within the United States followed by three weeks in another country just felt too long. I wanted to go home and work on new projects, not watch tv in Seattle. I wanted to take up a new hobby, not look up a new attraction.

And then my knees started to hurt.

Chalk it up to being to 30, to walking at a New Yorker's pace or just my impatience with the journey rather than the destination but my body forced me to slow. It forced me to sit and stretch and really admire my surroundings. First I witnessed a gorgeous sunset, then I found my favorite fountain in all the world and finally I found myself once able to sit for an hour and enjoy this moment rather than plan the next.

So I sat and I thought and I listened to myself. I want to share pictures of where I was when it happened because it will always be so special but my cellphone pics don't do it justice. When I've unloaded my camera and further dissected I'll share.

Promise :)


Dragonfly Treasure said...

You sound like you are on the road to recovery. I'm glad you were able to finally sit and enjoy..relax. Our bodies have a way of telling us what our minds don't. Love the pics. Take care and thanks for the visit & sweet comment. *hugs*deb