Thursday, September 10, 2009

Deadly Predators of the West Coast

I went to the butterfly house at the Pacific Science Center. Sounds boring eh? Well this is the adrenaline equivalent of going to Universal Horror Nights for me. I have a laughable aversion to butterflies and the wingspan on some of these suckers was 5-6 INCHES! Some were quietly sunning but others fluttered madly with no concern for bumping humans with long sleeves and pants! It was pretty but I only lasted half an hour before flinching my way out. I've been to plenty of butterfly gardens (masochist, I know) but this was the first that had multiple types in an enclosed area. They were farmed down in Costa Rica and feed on ambrosia (well bananas and oranges). If you're in the area and like the little critters this place is worth checking out. I was impressed (and disturbed).

And yes, I visit butterfly gardens for the same reason I periodically try bananas - to see if my aversion is gone and build up my defenses. Mark my words - the apocalypse will be heralded by butterflies not locusts...just look at what they've done to bees!