Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Mailmate Bites the Dust

After almost a year's worth of productivity, Shredder Number_Lost_Track bit the dust last month. Luckily this time I had an extended warranty! Staples #1 no longer carries the original Mailmate so I was offered the $90 Mailmate upgrade for an additional $30.

I drove a mile over to Staples #2 and was told to call 1-800-806-0555 (their Replacement Plan folk) to request a gift card refund. Isn't it funny how different Staples will enforce entirely different policies? Staples1 wanted me to exchange for a machine in-store but would not refund the purchase price. Staples2 wouldn't let me exchange for a different machine and said all replacement issues have been handled by the 1-800 number for the last two years.

In any case - can anyone recommend a personal home shredder for under around $75 that won't conk out in less than a year?


PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

No recommendations...we just bought another paper shredder this weekend. I think they are all built to konk out. :)
We bought a heavy duty Ativa and it overheated within 2 minutes. Sigh...
Always living it up at Lakewood,