Friday, August 7, 2009

TMobile is my Beard

Oh that wacky bot
Regular Google Voice Sign-Up - invites take 2-3 days
Military Member Sign-Up - a day turn around

I finally got around to signing up for a google voice account last week and its been wonderful! I've already called my doctor, ortho and dentist to share my "new" number and plan to continue using these digits for non-family/friends from now on.

Lets face it - most phone chatter is superfluous.

Sure some calls are necessary - late night chats with the significant other, routine calls to check in with family, etc but most phone calls are spam and can be ignored.

Here's an example of a recurring call I look forward to ignoring:
I visit my ortho monthly for braces admiration and banding. His secretaries call the day and the week before the appointment to remind me. Sometimes their list will jumble and different people will call.

From now on their calls are going straight to voice mail where Google Voice will transcribe and send it to me as a text! Audio spam requires wading to ensure they don't say something important like "Bring pain killers!" Text spam? Cursory skim and delete :)

This service is also wonderful for people overseas (like you poor, poor military folk). Sign up for a local number and have your buddies back home call that number which will forward to overseas digits.

I typed about google voice a few months ago but was lax in actually signing up. Here is the original post with a handy list of other cool features and a video.