Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thanks for the Snacks!

MyBlogSpark really cares about me! This week they mailed over a lovely care package filled with SNACKS! In case you can't tell by the randomness of this blog I am always moving around, working on different projects, reading several books at once and trying to get through seasons on dvd. Monotasking is not a strong suit so ready-made snacks are always appreciated.

hey its a snackI received four packs of Nature Valley Nuts Clusters and immediately cut open the roasted cashews pack (featured in that tiny white bowl that only shows up in pictures but seldom in actual use).

You can click on the picture to zoom in. They're like quarter sized rice crispie treat balls but instead of rice or marshmallows you have granola and pecans. I felt very Lisa (from Six Feet Under) munching on these. They were pretty good although a terrible on-the-go snack for people in braces. Granola, chopped up cashews, braces - getting a word picture yet?

Still, they're definitely worth buying and rather fun to eat. I'll just make sure to do it when I'm near a mirror and with a toothbrush ;)


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Those look delish, and I bet my husband would flip...he loves cashews. :) Thanks for the visit!