Friday, August 14, 2009

Soccer Moms Won't Like This

Brash: so i assume you're well versed in the Michael Vick drama, yes?
Anny: Yep
Brash: So now that he's been reinstated to the league...people are saying he needs to be careful about his image, etc
Anny: Agreed
Brash: and like, he should grant his first interview to someone like Oprah
Brash: get the general public to see he's not a thug, or a bad guy...he doesn't consort with unsavory folk, etc
Anny: Well, she is pretty credible
Brash: He granted his first "interview"...albeit accidentally the other day...

You know, Vick served his (abbreviated) time, paid his fines and is just trying to have some fun. Of course what he did was wrong but I'm still confused why a man who makes a living tackling, running about and playing with a ball should be a role model. Why should genetics and the abilitiy to repeat the same play be something I idolize?

This video should increase his inner city cred and if he lands on Oprah soccer moms will love him too, so I can't decide if its good or bad publicity. His publicist must be missing some chewed off nails by now though.