Monday, August 17, 2009


Foiled Again!I've always joked that if I were to marry a rebater we would eat well but all our money would be tied up in rebates. Rebates are everywhere: on packaging, card stock next to the product, newspaper, magazines, websites, etc!

Most rebates require a rebate form, proof of purchase (the UPC or its number) and receipt. Back in my day they would take 6-8 weeks but these days the turn around can be as wonderful as one week!

I rebate monthly at Rite Aid and Staples. They both have an electronic rebate system so as soon as I come home I input my receipt info, press submit and wait for my money. There is no need to mail, cut or manually write. Both rebate systems have been around for years and are tied to large stores with a brick and mortar presence. If you're hesitant about rebating they are a very safe way of getting started.

Just this morning I submitted the above rebate for Reynold's wrap aluminum foil. I purchased it at PathMark using a 75 cent coupon from yesterday's circular. PathMark doubles coupons so it was $1.50 off. Then I submitted the rebate form for a full refund. Even factoring in postage, Reynold's paid me $1 for buying foil.

So what are you waiting for? Go rebate :D


Your cool friend Cheryl said...

My mother in law is the queen of coupons and rebates. I could swear she must make the store pay her to leave!

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