Monday, August 24, 2009

Print and Save

I bought thisThis is a pretty decent week for deals. CVS has free Palmolive after an internet printable.

1. Visit Coupons.Com
2. Enter your zip code
3. Look for the $1 Palmolive coupon, select "Clip"
4. Print coupon, take to CVS

Palmolive is .98 this week and you can print two coupons. The cashier will adjust the coupon down to .98 cents and all you pay is tax.

Carefree is free after extra care bucks - limit 4 per card. You could buy one, take the coupon that prints and buy another. Repeat 4 times.

Or you can start off by going to their website and printing off a $1 coupon to save even more.

Glade Sense and Spray is also a money maker but I'm not a big fan and can't decide if I want more smelly things. Between all those free Glade candles and last week's crystals my house is already a delightful place to be. See how I am so maturely turning down clutter?

Rite Aid has Crest Total and Tylenol 24 count boxes free after rebate - use coupons to make them both money makers. Nothing very exciting at Walgreens this week but I may pick up two gallons of milk for $3 after register reward. Milk freezes fine and I can use it for baking.

A few people sent me this PostSecret yesterday. If my SO ever did that they would not be significant for very long!