Thursday, August 6, 2009

Inspiration Thursday: Lauren's Apartment

Green and pink aren't my normal lust colors but Lauren makes them work beautifully. Click here to see the full set on Flickr. Click here to visit her blog.

Perfectly matchedI love that she found wallpaper and instead of applying it to the wall (how passe) she framed it over her bed and used it in unexpected places around the apartment.

Hey that's my table!Check out the table under the party stuff - that's the same model I repurposed in this post! Neat :D

Perfect ClosetIt should surprise no one that I love this closet. Contrasting, bold patterns are one of my weaknesses.

The perfect picture wallThis is the perfect picture wall. I love the different frames and contents plus the little signs. She must own a really good level!


Cristin said...

I love the picture wall too!

Thanks for dropping by my blog.


Brenda said...

And she won't have to worry about taking down wallpaper when she tires of it! What a wonderful idea!

Anna See said...

What's not to love about those closet doors? So dramatic.

Lauren said...

Thanks so much for linking my blog and my pictures! I have a dress boutique opening soon so check back for pictures of the store - similar to the apartment but more intense! Thanks! <3 Lauren

Anonymous said...

OOh I love it!
You know I came to your blog several times and it was closed, so glad you are blogging!