Thursday, August 27, 2009

Inspiration Thursday: Dollhouse Lighting

Dollhouse Awesome Lighting FTWWe are having a lighting crisis in our living room. Crisis, I say.

The room doesn't have any overhead lighting so we're making do with some strategically (for decor) placed lamps and spilling chandelier light from the dining room.

I'm an avid Dollhouse fan and whenever these lights come on camera I start gushing and coveting. The entire set is gorgeous but the lights I want are pictured above and at 1:43 in this youtube video:

They are grouped in fours in this part of the set but on other parts they are grouped in 3s and 5s.

Getting the "inner" part of the lamps is easy. Ikea sells these wide Orgels for $39.99:and the narrower version for $19.99:
They also come in white and unwrinkled so picking one would be an executive decision made in store. Since getting the working part of the lamp is easy - how would you create the outside casing?

Bending wire would be the easiest way to knock them off but then it...would look like I bent a bunch of wire. The ones on the show look fibrous...I wonder if dying and fraying cheesecloth would replicate this effect or just lead to "Is your designer a zombie?" questions. I saw this piece over at Wendy's blog which has me contemplating netting and spray paint but I still don't think its the effect I'm looking for.

I'm stumped but very open to ideas. Help? BTW I'm participating at Hooked on Houses.