Monday, August 10, 2009

How to Coupon Effectively 2 - Finding Coupons

Coupons are funnyClick here for Part 1

0. Sunday Paper
This is #0 since its so obvious!

1. Sign up for Store Cards using your REAL contact info
Apparently some people sign up using incomplete or incorrect information. That momentary giggle or sense of righteousness isn't worth losing money over! Staples e-mails coupons weekly and snail mails every month or so. No one wants to miss out on those!

2. E-mail the Company
If you love Hersheys kisses go to their website, find a contact page and send them a message saying you love HKs and do they have any coupons for your area? Make sure you provide your contact information! Most companies will send out coupons asap - I used to be a pro at phoning this in during the pre-internet days :D

3. Check company websites
A lot of companies have printable coupons linked from their main page. They're reaching a broader audience than the Sunday paper and their overhead is less. Help actualize their financial decisions!

4. Coupons.Com
Coupons.Com sounds like it should be a fake url right? Coupons are targetted to geographical areas so while the entire country may be able to print off $5 off a $25 purchase at Rite Aid, only folks in a local restaurant's area will see its coupon.

5. Magazines, Direct Mailings, Phone Book
Coupons are like ninjas, so expect them at any time. However if its an advertisment, chances are it has a coupon in there somewhere. Keep your cutting hand strong!

6. Product Packaging
Wether stuck to the package (referred to as a "peelie"), shoved in the box or part of the packaging, make sure you save these for your next shopping adventure.

7. Friends and Family
Sometimes friends and family will pass along their Sunday circulars. Sometimes they'll pass along any coupon and laughter will ensue :)

More Extreme Coupon Measures

1. eBay
I've blogged about eBaying for coupons. Most auctions are for bulk quantities so don't get caught up bidding and end up with 20 cereal boxes when you can only consume 3!

2. MyCoupons.Com
My original coupon stomping grounds; this site has a wonderful coupon trading board. Some people will trade for other coupons but some want paypal or stamps. Either option is cheaper than buying on eBay.

3. Coupon Trains
I've never participated in one of these but you can google and join groups where members mail each other high value coupons. Normally the coupons can only be for $1 and up and have expiration dates a month in the future. This just seems like too much work for an unknown pay-off.

I'm sure I forgot some but these are the ones I use or come across most often. When in doubt just google whatever you are looking for and "coupon" or check the coupon database at HotCouponWorld.

Next Monday: Rebating secrets revealed! In a plain format with dull language much like this one ;)