Sunday, August 30, 2009

Get thee to a drugstore!

Money for Future AnnyThere was a $2.99 Palmolive rebate with .75 coupon in this week's circular. I know I just got two free Palmolives last Sunday but I have a really hard time passing up freebies - especially if I'm already in-store! I also picked up some free after rebate Reynold's wrap with .75 coupon. Seventy-five is my magical coupon number since most grocery stores in my area double up to that price.

Is this National Smelly Month? Glade is giving away the large $10 soy candles for $7 with $7 back at CVS this week (remember the small ones were free just a few weeks ago?). I went in hoping to find the orange sherbert scent but they didn't have it in that size. Bummer :(

Lots of crap!Rite Aid really stepped up their game this week with some stuff I "buy" at full price! I was ecstatic by the Act Mouthwash ($4.49 each) deal. I have braces and Act builds up enamel, breaks down sensitivity and is recommended by every ortho/dentist I've seen. Anyway the deal is Buy 3, Save $10 instantly. Their website has $1 printable coupons bringing the price for three down to below the price of one. I'm going to have to print some more of these coupons at the library and my brother's house. This is the best deal I've seen on these since I Braced UP almost a year ago.

Make sure you visit Coupons.Com to print your $5 off a $25 purchase coupon before heading to Rite Aid because they're just giving stuff away. The foot soles are 3 for $10 with a $5 rebate and they all have $2 coupons on them (or print out $2 coupons from their website here) - Money Maker! The Sea Breeze astringent (I'm so glad the braces and zits really showed up in my late twenties and not during those sensitive teen years) was $1 after coupon and rebate. Listerine was free after coupon and rebate (that goes to my brother). Light bulbs were free, teeth plaque thing was was a good week.

I love youAt Staples I picked up the free calculator (front page of circular), some 3M Command hooks (which keep falling off the wall with nothing attached and will probably be returned) and this adorable tape dispenser. It was on clearance for only .50! My old (fuddy duddy black) dispenser loved fraying tape instead of cutting it. See the past tense in that sentence? Yeah, that dispenser is trash now.

Another successful Sunday - and I didn't even get to Walgreens! The back page of their circular is full of freebies I want :D


Dragonfly Treasure said...

Whoa! Way to go!!! You got some great deals. Too funny about the table!! I'll check back for a pic =)

Dragonfly Treasure said...

I forgot to say thank you for the sweet comments about my bathroom!