Monday, August 10, 2009

Dark Side of Couponing & Facebook

Baja FailSo Baja Fresh screwed up last month. They decided to give all their facebook friends a free burrito with the purchase of a beverage. Somehow this went from their having 1,800 friends to paying for 50,000 burritos.


Apparently they cheaped out when issuing the coupon and all had the same barcode. Of course this meant people could photocopy, forward or just print multiple copies of the file without bothering to friend the place.

I'm surprised they honored that many coupons. A burrito can't be that expensive to assemble but 50,000 when you're planning to only pay for 1,800? I bet their technology expert is sitting back and saying "I told you so!" - hopefully not while filing for unemployment.


Anonymous said...

That's a mistake they won't make again!!