Monday, August 31, 2009

August is Over Already?

My roomy suggested we open the windows instead of running the AC last night - a sure sign that summer is drawing to a close. Lets see how this month's goals went.

1. Operation: Presentable Living Room
Done and done! The light was painted, table revamped and clutter removed. The coffee table went into storage instead of Craiglist (don't judge me!) but everything else was accomplished. We even had our first dinner party last week!

2. Optimize Laziness
I bought a Roomba (loving review pending) but couldn't fix the Scooba. The internet says I need to buy a cleaning hose and I've been too lazy to buy it. This has forced me to mop every Monday. Structure isn't so bad, right?

3. Feign Buffness
I gave up the punching bag after about a week because of that pesky weight loss issue. Instead I've been jogging to the Wii at 10:30 each morning during Design on a Dime. I jog in place for roughly two miles and the handset keeps track of distance, time, etc while I watch television. This hasn't buffed my arms but it has given me stomache definition which is what I really wanted (and without doing situps!). I'm checking this off as complete.

4. Validate New Computer
Well its on-line and lovely. Sadly its new OS isn't allowing me to install any bootleg software. I'm going to have to reinstall an older operating system so I can stop using the laptop anytime I want to work. Half done?

5. Work
I designed a second dvd cover (so pretty!) but did not work on any websites. On one I lost interest. The woman was indecisive, pay was ehh and we had a bunch of scheduling conflicts. The second project was supposed to be for my landlord's business but I suspect he's the type who punts kittens for fun. As I care for my immortal soul I will not be working with him. I'm so grateful to be in a financial place where I don't need to run down every job and can instead pick and choose what I spend time on.

Overall not a bad month!