Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Unplug that Shredder Ma'am

There was the usual debate over at SlickDeals over a Kill-A-Watt measurer. These handy devices measure how much power devices draw during regular use, on standby mode, while powerring up, etc. Here are some real world figures from the thread on power usage. Interestingly enough his cell phone charger wasn't drawing any power unless connected to a phone.

Here's some useful trivia I drew away:

- Shredders (even ones with off switches) draw power when not in use. I use mine every day but Sunday and never unplug it! Needless to say I immediately got up and unplugged the thing.

- Laptop chargers have a rating on their power supply showing how energy effecient they are. Mine has a roman numeral IV which is "ok." V (five) is the most effecient while anything between I-III should really be considered for an upgrade. Find your rating by flipping over the power supply and looking for the characters within a small circle. Mine is an HP charger and says "Effeciency Level" right next to it.

There was also the everyday advice on attaching all electronics to one surge protector you completely shut off when done and a lot of back and forth debating on wether saving the extra $1 is worth all the extra hassle. Then some hippies jumped in and said if we all saved a watt we'd save the world and it went downhill from there.

To quote one post and summarize the thread: "Guys...people who want to save the planet like my roommate will never get along with people like me who are lazy and, quite honestly, look at the personal benefits rather than global."

Either way - if you want to save the planet or save a few bucks, do yourself a favor and unplug that shredder. Or if you live in the land of the sun and have an extra $700 buy a solar powerred doo-hickey to power everything you own (although not simultaneously). The charger costs more than my laptop!


FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

I'd like that solar powered doo hickey.

BF has gotten every plug in the house on a power bar, so that we just have to turn off ONE switch to get all of them at once :)

Anny said...

I was thinking of doing that with the tv since whenever the tv is on the dvd player is on too...but what about the Wii and its remote charging station? I don't know if piggy backing a surge protector on to the UPS which they are all currently plugged into is the best way to go.