Friday, July 17, 2009

Staples Rebate Check Bounced!

Staples check bouncesBack in May I was ecstatic to find a solution to all the check cards staples kept sending me - call the issuer of the card and request a check instead. Since then I've done this about a dozen times (I love you Staples!) without issue.

Then a $35 check I deposited last week bounced! On top of the immediate loss of $35 Wachovia charged ME an extra $10 for depositing a bad check - as if I've ever had a reason to doubt Staples before.

I've had rebate checks (from other companies) bounce in the past so its not a big deal - once I get the check I'll call the company, explain the situation and they will normally reissue a check that also covers bank penalties. I trust Staples.

There is no point in calling Wachovia because their system is ridiculous. Once a check bounces its photocopied and sent "somewhere" then "something" happens and no one can give definite answers for about two weeks. This is why I deposit all checks individually at the ATM. Thanks to my penchant for rebating and taking on small jobs I deposit between 20-25 checks monthly and if there is a problem Wachovia is rather useless in pinpointing the immediate cause.

I am concerned because yesterday I deposited two other Staples checks - one for $89.99 and one for $129.99. $45 won't throw off my finances but this could become close to a $300 deficit if those other two bounce as well.