Sunday, July 12, 2009

School's Out for Summer! Time to buy Supplies

They're just giving it away!School supplies are on sale - Must be mid-July! Slacker parents better get off their butts and start shopping because things that cost a penny this week will be at least 300 times more expensive when school starts!

Walgreens has a decent looking selection this week but the only thing that caught my eye were 50 cent Sharpies. They're not stainless steel but not all markers can be perfect.

CVS is having a gift-a-palooza this week! CVS' rewards program is simple: 1. Sign up for card 2. Use card 3. Instant reward prints at the bottom of your receipt.

Here's what they are giving away:
Caliber or CVS/pharmacy 1 subject notebook 70-80 sheets, .99c Free after ECB. Limit 2
Paper Mate Grip pens 8ct. .99c Free after ECB. Limit 3
Caliber or It's Academic 5" pointed or blunt tip scissors $2.99 Free after ECB. Limit 2
Caliber or CVS/pharmacy school glue 5oz .99 Free after ECB. Limit 2
Caliber or CVS/pharmacy 12" plastic or wood ruler .99 Free after ECB. Limit 2

Staples penny sales are back and to sweeten the deal the circular has a $5 off $20 coupon right on the front page!
Staples® 8.5" x 11" copy paper, 500 sheets, 1c After Rebate. Limit 2
#2 yellow pencils, 8/pack, 1c. Limit 2
Staples® photo plus 4" x 6" paper, $9.99 - 8.99 rebate. Limit 2