Monday, July 27, 2009

How not to Store Food

The first time I moved out (after college) my kitchen didn't have a window and I had a lot of free time. I read up on proper food storage, mix yeses and mix-nots and how to determine if growth on cheese was appetizing or deadly.

Since then I've moved over a dozen times into all types of kitchens and storage areas and forgotten all the Basic Rules of Storage.
Potatoes need to be moved stat.See how pretty these potatoes look in their bowl on top of the fridge? Look at how all that potato-ruining light is just reflecting. Note to self: Potatoes like dark, dry places.Plaintains gone ripeAnd see how my plantains sitting so prettily under the window are quickly ripening past Anny-Approved levels of Deliciousness. Note to Self: Keep plantains in the fridge.

So here are some basic food storage rules I always forget:

1. Potatoes hate light
2. Potatoes hate onions
3. Potatoes hate apples
4. Wrap lettuce in a slightly damp towel before fridging
5. If its green and you want to keep it that way - fridge it
6. Don't fridgify sweet potatoes or tomatoes

And when in doubt drop by StillTasty.Com queue their database.


Christian said...

Really no tomatoes in the fridge? I never heard that and always keep mine in there...why not? And I did not know that potatoes were so picky about their company!!

Anny said...

Tomatoes supposedly get very "fleshy" and lose a lot of flavor being kept in the fridge. I think the best way to store them is somewhere away from light with the stem side down to prevent bruising.

Potatoes look so unassuming don't they!?