Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garage Sale Score

You are so pretty!Check out this adorable bench I nabbed at a garage sale for only $10! I love white leather, shiny things and simple styles so this was a keeper for me.
Nice detailsIts currently sitting at the end of my bed and serves as a catch-all for my comforter and throw pillows at night. Anyone have ideas on how to get wrinkles out of a silk comforter? I've adopted the tried and true "Wait and See" approach but judging from these pictures a more pro-active measure needs to be adopted.

I'm in the Thrifty Party over at Sounthern Hospitality. Click here to see what everyone else found!

Oh and here's a funny Ellen monologue on garage sales. There was much LOLLING at my place over this one!


Jen R. said...

That is a great score! I love good garage sale finds!

Anonymous said...

I love the bench and Ellen! No ideas on silk wrinkles however, sorry.

Jazzy said...

Great project, it looks fab.

Deidra said...

I am drooling over that bench! What a find! I remember that my in-laws had one in their old house and then one day it was gone. Alas!

I enjoyed your visit at my place the other day during Kimba's DIY party. And your IKEA hack is wonderful! Thanks for stopping by!