Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cycling About

Its Me!This PostSecret made me giggle. I can ride a bike - I just can't stop it ;) I "learned" how to ride a bike in my twenties but adopted two methods for braking - either jumping off or hitting something with some give (or my neighbor's fence). This hasn't kept me from riding one of the damned things in traffic but has blessedly kept me from breaking any bones.

So Sad Bike Chick, despair not! Cars are way better ;)


Fabulously Broke said...

Not even braking lightly and gently until you come to a stop? *puzzled*

I am pondering how you get on the bike in the first place without falling off if you can't stop.. hahahaahha :)

Does someone hold the bike for you? Like if you were to get on a horse?

Anny said...

Nope I never got the hang of slowing down at all LOL

I would just keep riding until it was time to stop ;) I had no trouble starting - it was always the stopping which caused issue.