Sunday, July 26, 2009

Contest: Yoplait Yogurt + Stationary Gift Basket

Hey look, a contest!When I was a kid my parents bought icktastic yogurt. Sure, it had fruit at the bottom like a prize in a cereal box but that was all. I couldn't even flip it over to get at the good stuff! Nope, Past Anny had to wade through miles AND MILES of Blandness.

Unsurprisingly I hadn't had yogurt for about twenty years until an early morning flight on Southwestern brought over a small container. It was Yoplait and it was surprisingly good!

The texture was even, the smell pleasant and there was ACTUAL TASTE! I was sold.

Don't believe me? Well Yoplait is on sale for 50 cents this week at Shoprite, which is Stockpile Pricing. If you're still not sure, just enter this contest for your chance to win free yogurt and a stationery gift basket from Yoplait (pictured above).

1. Talk yogurt to me. What's your favorite flavor? Any traumatic experiences as a kid? Any interesting recipes? Leave a yogurt-related comment on this entry.

Not so fine print:
Two entrants will be selected via Random Number Generator on August 3rd. This contest is sponsored by Yoplait and MyBlogSpark. Please note the Free Yogurt comes in the form of a coupon to be redeemed at a store. Fear not for your late summer mailboxes! The stationery package is shipped via USPS.

Click here for a $1 printable coupon the new Fiber One yogurt.

Jennifer @ Bad White Trash Memories

Anna at An Inch of Gray


Jennifer said...

My earliest memoires of yogurt involve my teen-aged sister eating it when she was on a diet. I was told that it was "like icecream" before I tasted it, and subsequently hated it. I haven't had much yogurt since then, until this week! Yogurt is one of the literally six foods that I'm allowed to eat right now since I had gastric bypass last Monday. I'm starting to love the stuff. The different flavors allow me to get some variety in my diet. Plus, high in protein!

Anna See said...

i love yogurt! i actually have a yoplait original french vanilla next to me right now. yum! their peach is delightful.

QL girl said...

I don't have any bad yogurt memories. In fact I have some good ones....during the summers when we were out of school but my mom had to work, she took us with her. Feeling bad for dragging us around she'd usually treat us with an item from the grocery store and I remember often getting those yogurts with the granola or chocolate mix ins. So good!

I don't eat those anymore, but i do eat regular yogurt.....plain, or the flavored individual sized ones. Lately my favorites are blueberry pomegranate, and "blueberry crumb cake". Yum!

BrittanyMarie said...

I always lvoed yogurt growing up. I think I had it for breakfast just about everyday. I like to put it in the freezer now. It tastes so yummy.As a matter of fact, I think I will buy some when I go to the store tomorrow. I wasn't going to but now I really want some!!!