Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So then I got lost

Still in JerseyNote to Self: Never turn into a state park without concrete plans.

See that waterfall up there? That's less than thirty minutes from my house and fifteen minutes from my innocent turn off a highway. It was also about half an hour before the end of the road that let me back unto said highway. My pleasant Ride & Think gave way to Bewilderment about halfway through.

A few weeks ago I said the end of the school year would lead to a calming of work life but its been the exact opposite. I'm even having a hard time finding space for Deal Hunting in my daily life! So forget blogging - that's not doing so well this week.

If you order from Domino's keep an eye out for a red envelope with a coupon inside for a free American Classics pizza. I got one yesterday and picked up a Philly Cheesteak for dinner. Gotta love a pizza joint that occasionally treats you :)

Here's another picture from my lost travels on Sunday: New YorkYep, that's New York across the way. I got mighty lost that day.