Monday, June 15, 2009

Omnitech can't find signal?

Omnitech GPS FailIf you were one of the hundred thousand deal hunters who bought an Omnitech gps from Staples then you have been screwed since Saturday at midnight GMT time. (GMT? That's not even in the US)

According to their website, automated e-mail and phone service:

"The problem is not only happening with your device. GPS receivers are having a problem communicating with the GPS satellites since Saturday June 13th, the GPS manufacturer is currently working very closely with the GPS satellite authorities trying to resolve this matter urgently, a solution is expected to be available within days."

Rumor is the internal clock reset itself incorrectly, causing all Omnitech gps's to go through a Mini Y2k. Supposedly a software update will go out on the 18th resolving the problem.

Guess we'll have to rehack these things huh?