Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moving Update

This has been one of my best moves to date. I had two weeks to do everything, I'm moving into a much larger, empty space and since I'll be closer to family I've been loading the Sentra, driving to their joint, hanging out and relaxing for a few hours (24 on dvd FTW!) then heading to Future Home and unpacking.

Its been nice :)

Of course the downside (its always something) is my sleep patterns have been destroyed again. I've been working full-time the past few weeks while simultaneously attempting this move and keeping up with side work. I don't even need an alarm clock since my body refuses to sleep past 8am.

As always, I'm grateful for Craigslist which simultaneously allowed me to unload my old junk and pick up new junk at excellent prices on both ends.

Basically this is a boring update informing you I'm still alive and even though at various points in the day I come across stuff I want to blog about I just lack the time to do it.