Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home Depot Truck Rentals: Word of Caution

Fair ServiceI rented a Home Depot truck yesterday for $19.99/first 75 minutes, $10/hr after that and some random $5 in taxes/fees.

Here's how they got me:

I assumed the next hour would be on top of the original 75 minutes. Ie: If I took the truck at 5pm it would be $19.99 until 6:15 then another $9.99 until 7:15.


Their system overlaps the second hour so the customer only gets 45 minutes for the extra $10. Even worse they don't charge in half hour increments.

So instead of being ten minutes early, I was five minutes late and got hit with an extra $10 fee plus applicable taxes.

The truck itself was fine - it was an 08 model with 18,000 miles on it. You could tell by the struts (and approximately 10 pounds of sand inside) that those weren't pleasant Sentra sauntering miles - that truck has put in more hard time than a $2 hooker.