Friday, June 5, 2009

Curse You Redbook!

Angry as a Monkey!I've spent eight years reading Diary of He and over ten with Valerie and Elizabeth. Yesterday, in a move that pissed me off royally Redbook decided to end both diaries at once.

The endings felt so forced too. These diaries always relied heavily on family drama and inner turmoil. All of a sudden both of the main characters get engaged and that's how the stories end.

No details of wedding, no idea if Zach's sister and her girlfriend will be ok. No idea if Elizabeth's nephew will be emancipated...nothing!

I'm especially annoyed because these were my bedtime stories for over five years. I'd turn off the lights, get in bed with my sidekick and catch up on ridiculousness before sleep. Now I have to wear myself out before sleep like a regular person. Tres sigh!