Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coolest. Job. Ever.

Shazzam! Ho Hum
Moregeous is my new favorite blog - run by a property manager overseas. From what I gather her job entails making things pretty, shopping, cleaning and filling out a lot of forms. I am filled with job envy!

The best part is so many of her projects are simple Ikea redos. Since announcing this upcoming move I've been Craigslist Stalking furniture. Therefor looking through her pictures is kind of like playing "Where's Waldo?" with ikea furniture and accessories (that flower print in the second picture retails for 12.99).Gorgeous GlameShe also throws out simple revamps of ugly stuff like this mirror she painted a glossy black then super glued beads unto. Instant glam!

I am in love with this studio she refers to as "Project Cathedral" because of its gorgeous ceilings. She makes liberal use of Ikea's flower stickers and a droolworthy monochromatic palette. Hop over to her blog and gawk!Home Envy


Jennifer said...

I look at craigslist furniture every single day. EVERY one.

Anny said...

This job would be so perfect for you too.