Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where's Your Money These Days?

Remember last year when I was setting aside $1000 monthly to buy cds? Well rates are hellaciously low and those cds are maturing.

These are the options I see, please comment if you have a better suggestion:

1. I haven't funded 09's Roth for obvious reasons but it needs to be done.

2. Bankrate says cd rates may have bottomed so I could continue rolling them and hope for the best.

3. My savings account at Emigrant Direct has "ok" returns considering how bad b&m banks are doing. In fact, their savings rates are better than Wachovia cds. I could dump maturing cds here and hope for the best.

4. Take my cds elsewhere. Although FatWallet's list of cd rates looks as dismal as Bankrate's.

So what's a girl to do? The car is paid off, house doesn't need to be purchased until I'm 35 (4 1/2 years to go!), no student loans and this blog is hosted free at Blogger.


Jennifer said...

I'd fund your Roth. Stocks are on sale!

Anny said...

Yeah, my roth lost a lot last year but seems to have stabilized now.