Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random Roundup

Staples has my Omnitech gps dirt cheap again this week. After rebate its only $80. If you have ink coupons or $/$$ coupons it could go for as low as $25.

Remember - if you buy this unit don't deal with their crappy software. Check out my recent post for places to download non-crap.

I go back to work tomorrow, albeit for only six weeks. I thought I'd be ok with it but now when I visualize six weeks of getting up daily to drive and work I get this oppressed feeling. These past few months have demonstrated how much better life is when working from home...god willing after this short stint I'll go back to a non-commuting lifestyle.
Show me flip flopsOld Navy will have their yearly "All flip flops $1" extravaganza next Saturday. I've never been but hear its a total madhouse. Either way I'm ducking in to buy flip flops for the future place. A significant portion of it is carpetted (woe) and since we have longterm living there plans I don't want to constantly wage war against outside dirt. A few of my friends have visitors ditch all shoes inside the door which keeps their places wonderfully clean.
ShoetasticI have the above unit and will use the labeller Staples gave me last week (I heart you Staples) to label individual cubbies so frequent visitors will have their own flip flops. Martha Stewart has a wicker basket full of white terry cloth slippers for guests but I'm working with a slightly smaller budget ;)