Thursday, May 28, 2009

Press 0 for Therapy

SadnessThis month's Marie Claire has an article, "If You're Furious Press 1," on Indian credit card service reps handling the influx of calls from broke Americans.

"For newlywed Mukherjee, who earns around $3000 per year (a high salary for a young Indian urbanite, yet a mere one-sixth of the average call-center wage in the States), such tales are a bizarrely intimate insight into the downside of the American Dream."

I hadn't considered the call center's take on the credit crisis. Phones give a false sense of closeness and our society seems to be more open about finances. Couple both and you'll understand why the length of average call center calls has doubled in the past few months.

According to the article, agents have suffered heart attacks from work induced stress. Can you imagine listening to the breakdowns of financially irresponsible people all day for a living?