Sunday, May 24, 2009

No Coupons This Weekend, Deals Don't Stop

I've been spending $100 bills since they had small facesJust a quick reminder - save your $2 because there aren't any coupons in this week's paper. Here's a breakdown of when inserts come out.

Today's Ikea deal are awesomely long curtains - two panels for 10 bucks. Included in each package are tie backs and iron-on hems. I went early to snag free breakfast then grabbed too many curtains for Future Home.

CVS is going insane giving away stuff again. Deals are mostly today and tomorrow so clip away stat! Walgreens has Posture Vitamins free (skipping this one) and Rite Aid seems to have taken the week off. Even Staples released a two page non-circular this weekend. Its just as well, too much of my credit is tied up in Staples rebates ;)
PurtyOffice Depot is tempting me with the above cheap L shaped glass desk. I ordered a new computer last week (23" monitor BABY!) and will have enough space at Future Home to set up a large desk. I have some coupons so this is the perfect deal for me to jump on.

By jump on, of course I mean, ask my brother to drive his truck and help me load boxes. Sentras just aren't built to transport more than pillows :(