Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hacking Staples Omnitech GPS

3d Maps FTWStaples had insanely nice deals on the 4.3" Omnitech gps the past few weeks. I used a coupon and after rebate will have paid $40. People who were more patient combined it with their $30 ink check to pay only $10.

Either way, no one bought the Omnitech to use as is from the box. The bundled software is so outdated it showed my street as a two-way, when it has been dead ending in a park for years!

The joy in the Omnitech (asides from its low price) was its easy "hackability." All the user has to do is swap the SD card for one with different maps and your cheap gps has all the capabilities of the much pricier unit.

I installed the Navigon maps from this thread (torrents link inside). Others installed IGO8 while those into really tinkering installed Garmin maps. Some people opted to make theirs into palm pilots, mp3 players and even digital picture frames.

This has gotten rambly and I'm quite sick. Basically, the Omnitech is a solid buy and will provide hours of fun. Or if you're like me and just need a gps, it will provide excellent navigation, provided you change the software ;)