Monday, May 4, 2009

Experian - Making me Schizo since 2009

Identity theft can be funnyI just pulled my Experian credit report at and they have two "Social Security Number Variations" for me! Last time I checked Social Security numbers are case dependent and quite singular. There are no variations!

They also have three versions of my name listed. One with middle initial (I always use it), one sans initial but one is a different last name!

Of course I called 800-493-1058 but the automated service kept saying "Lets return to this issue" every time I tried to correct any of the errors. Maddening!

The last time I pulled my Experian report (last April) everything was correct. I pulled TransUnion in December and all was well. Equifax in September was equally as dull. So wtf Experian?

At least the rest of the report was correct and boring - just how I like it.