Thursday, May 14, 2009

Damnit Sony!

I Heart Sony!Sony has been wooing me away from Amex for months and their persistence has paid off.

I signed up for a Sony Style credit card back in March so they would discount a little tv for me. I intended to pay off the card, cancel it and live happily ever after. Then I saw their rewards program.

Man am I a sucker for rewards programs! AMEX cashback knocks 5% off my bill when I use them at gas stations, office supply stores and to pay my cellphone. MasterCard gives me 3% back in the form of points when I buy groceries or shop at drugstores. Sony gives me 5% at their site, 3% at affiliates and 1% elsewhere.


Until I realized that just by buying my tv I qualified for $60 in rewards. Ever a slave to electronic form over function, I became enamoured with a sweet little dvd player that will slide behind my Bravia. I expected to use my $60 worth of points and pay $90 out of pocket for the rest (if you're short on points Sony lets you make up the difference with cash), and cancel the card.


Are you ready?

I started reading about their site rewards...this is the slickest cc program I've ever seen. The rewards site has 3 trivia questions which are updated daily. Answer all 3 correctly and get 30 points towards a reward - the equivalent of charging $30 a day. Even better if you answer 8 questions correctly in a month you save 10% on a reward. Answer 12 questions correctly and save 15%. At first I was going to google all the questions but then I found this site where people just post the correct answers daily!

My laziness knows few bounds.

You don't even need to be a credit card holder to get in on this awesomeness - click here and follow the steps exactly to get the equivalent of $50 in freebies from Sony! So not only has Sony convinced me to make their card my primary for non-AMEX or Mastercard purchases, they've ensured I visit their website daily.