Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This is very trueI like to be well-informed about things that relate to me. I read all manuals (even the care tags on clothing!), pamphlets that come with drugs (did you know Bayer + 3 alcoholic drinks can cause stomach bleeding?) google extensively and have been known to read *gasp* books!

So this morning's orientation made me want to force people on-line. There were fourteen of us and I swear I was the only one who'd already been on the website and seen information on the programs she yakked about.

Then she casually threw out that they used to offer tuition assistance for MASTERS PROGRAMS but thought the program had been discontinued due to lack of interest.

DUDE! If its free I would get a masters in anything! I'm fairly intelligent, have plenty of time to study and am rather nosy about most things. I left my number so someone would contact me and let me know if the program is still available - cause if it is I'm going to start applying to grad schools and taking acronymmed tests stat.

As predicted nothing much was accomplished today. She did say there is additional funding for job training so that's nice. More funding means my chances of becoming an accountant are higher.

The follow-up orientation is for mid-May and according to my predicted timeline I should meet with a counselor in June.

While I was waiting for orientation to start I helped a computer illiterate, non-english speaking fellow file for unemployment on-line. It takes such a ridiculously short time. At the end it said he would be getting $400 every TWO weeks! I hope his family members work and he gets assistance and lives below his means plus has an emergency fund and finds unreported sidework cause not even I could survive off such a paltry sum :(


Anonymous said...

lol I read everything BUT manuals. You can be my manual reader. Yes?

I too hope that there are other support means for the man you met.

Anny said...

Ha you got it - I love reading all manuals!

I was so down after I helped him file his form. Whenever I feel blue about finances I remember how lucky I was to have been born in the USA. Even if he didn't have any computer skills, just by knowing english he could have had the type of job that paid so much more.