Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Twitter Annoys Amazon, Me

Asides from babies, there is no group Americans enjoy defending more than the GBLT community. Perceived gblt discriminations are met with as much furor as that time the chinese poisoned baby food.

So this weekend a troll decided to mess with Amazon's search query ... and well hell broke loose:

Weev hacks Amazon, Pisses off everyone else"Weev, pictured, says he organized an army of off-shore computer users to make a bunch of fake Amazon accounts and flag all the gay and lesbian books they could as inappropriate. Also, he got several friends with high-trafficked websites to embed an iframe code that made their visitors automatically send the flags without their knowledge." Source.

Within nanoseconds the twitterati was typing angry little messages and websites were copy and pasting the same wrong information. I tried doing a search for one of the "censored" writers and since it came up fine figured I was searching incorrectly and went off to make a sandwich.

Anyway, Amazon is miffed, Weev's a jerk (albeit a funny one) and people who are quick to anger and slow to research will be boycotting Amazon.

Which sucks for them because Amazon's prices are competitive and they offer free shipping on $25 orders. I never wavered in my absentminded commitment to you Amazon!


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