Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is why I'm fat

Free waffles are the best!Well I'm technically underweight but "This is why my arteries are clogged" didn't have the same punch.

Eggo waffles are .99 at PathMark this week. In my area (Northern NJ) we had $1.00 off 2 Eggo product coupons in the 4-5-09 Red Plum newspaper insert. So you could get two boxes for $1 - not bad but not free.

Other areas had .75 off one Eggo product coupons and since PathMark doubles that meant free waffles! I bought twenty coupons from eBay for $3.xx and am working on a daily sugar coma.

Man I need a deep freezer.


Anonymous said...

you are funny. seriously, u love waffles that much. u never cease to amaze me. u are having way too much fun with your blog. lol

Anny said...

Sugarry handheld snacks prepared in the toaster while I'm running around doing other stuff?

What's not to love!?

PLUS they somehow got over and have everyone accepting them as "real food." Life is good.